Victory By Choice 
The Journey to Queendom 
The Unification of Queens celebrates the brilliance of Feminine Divinity & Authenticity
Friday, November 17 - Saturday, November 18, 2017
​​​"The Journey to Queendom embodies a collection of experiences that leads to a full understanding of the truth of our authority and divinity as daughters of the Most High, recognizing the significance of identifying ones self as queen."​​
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​Meet the Journey To Queendom Ambassadors
The Ambassadors of the 2nd Annual Journey to Queendom share their natural desire and drive to heal, inspire, and empower other women to know the truth in their divinity and authenticity. These extraordinary Queens will be our conference leaders and facilitators.

Special Thank You & Acknowledgment to
Our Special Guest
​Cori Sykes 
​" The Diamond Vow"
Friday, November 17, 2017

Guest Speaker​​​​

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Our Logistics Coordinator
​Erin H Price, Owner & CEO of EHP Service Group​​
Queens, We Need You!!!
​Your Authenticity is the Brilliance of your Divinity
​​​​The 2nd Annual Journey To Queendom Women's Empowerment Conference
The Beachwood DoubleTree  

Friday, November 17, 2017 - "Honor Thy Queen" focuses on the beauty and divinity of Self-Care, Self-Love, & Self-Discovery

Saturday, November 18, 2017 - "The Queen's Evolution" focuses on the  reflection and growth embodied by our Journeys as Queens and the strength in the unity gained from loving ourselves and each other.

Join us!!! #QueensReady #CrownOn


Guiding Principle of the Conference

•      Love – The presence of God in all creation
•      Divinity – The presence of God influence within
•      Liberation – The freedom of freewill and choice
•      Authenticity – Acknowledging, celebrating and embracing the truth that defines who you are as God created you to be.
•      Purpose – Understanding what God has destined for you to do, experience, and endure in this life.

Core Values
The Core Values for a Queen to Live By:

•      Integrity– the moral standard in which one lives by reflecting honesty and truth in the midst of conversation and behavior regardless of the presence or absence of an audience. 
•      Wisdom – the presence of knowledge resulting from the combination of intellect and intuition gained through the quality of life’s experiences, increasing one's knowledge and good judgment; the quality of being wise.
•      Faith – complete trust or confidence in someone or something; trusting in the ability of the Divine to supply needs, heal wounds and fulfill promises.
•      Compassion – the act of expressing concern or sympathy for the suffering or misfortunes of others.
•      Authenticity – the presence of one true nature; the genuine manifestation of who God created one to be; of undisputed origin; genuine.

Mission: Unite a group of influential women who are passionate about helping to inspire others to come together in solidarity to fellowship, gain insight, inspiration, awareness and motivation to positively influence the lives of the women within our lives and our communities.
Desire: To continue the movement of inspiring Queens to live authentically in their divinity. We will continue gathering to unite great minds whom have the ambition to help heal and lift the vibrations of other women consistently. Our desire is to light a fire of unconditional love that will spread amongst the women in our community allowing  the flow into the lives of other women in which they come into contact with. I pray these women will inspire great women to empower other women to own their divine right as Queens as we are daughters of the Most High. Our bond to one another represent the heart and soul connection of experiencing this journey called life together.
Purpose: The purpose of the Journey to Queendom is to allow great women to come together in solidarity with the intention to uplift and inspire each other. Through this journey we will raise vibrations in the communities and in the lives of the people we meet recognizing the significance of our power and divinity as the Queens! We are to reach masses of people as a collective that may not have been obtained as individuals! Uniting inspirational women who serve as positive role models and leaders by ways of teaching; coaching and motivating others to live a healthier more fulfilling and abundant life.